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K-10+ Review

Occasionally, I review dog food and products.  Last week, I was sent a sampling of K-10+ Supplements that are pre-measured vitamin supplements meant to dissolve in your dog’s water.  The product is designed to give dogs a number of vitamins that they need yet might not want to take.  The vitamins included in the sampling were Multi-Vitamin, Glucosamine, Omega 3, Calming, UT Support and Senior Care.

I have to admit that I only tried three of the packages, largely because Izzy doesn’t need UT Support or Senior Care or Glucosamine.  Besides, by the time I tried the Multi-Vitamin, Omega 3 and Calming vitamin packages, it was obvious that Izzy wasn’t going to be drinking his water with that “stuff” in it.  Disappointing.  I thought he was less particular than that.  Guess I was wrong.

The first packet I tried was the Multi-Vitamin.  Though the directions said it would dissolve in water, it didn’t quite dissolve all the way.  Little drops of the powder floated on the water and stuck to the sides of the bowl, no matter how much I stirred it.  Izzy (who isn’t much of a water drinker to begin with) sniffed the bowl, looked at me, ate some food, then went back to the water, sniffed it again and walked away.  I left the bowl down all day in the hopes that he would try it later on, but the water bowl was still full when I got home from work.  I don’t think he ever dipped his tongue into the bowl.  By late that evening, it was obvious he was thirsty but wasn’t having any of the vitamin water, so I emptied it.

The next day, we tried the Omega 3.  Same situation.  It didn’t dissolve and Izzy didn’t want any of it.  The makers of the product state that it is water soluble, but perhaps it makes a difference if your water has iron in it or other “ingredients” that don’t interact well with the the vitamin. Whatever the case, the Omega 3 didn’t dissolve — and Izzy “knew” something foreign was in his water bowl that he wasn’t crazy about (I have to add here that Izzy doesn’t drink out of puddles or anyone else’s water bowl.  He’s just not that crazy about water.  He’s the first dog I ever met who doesn’t want to dip his head into a water bowl after being out for a walk on a hot summer’s day.  Yup, I have a weirdo.  What can I say?)

Day 3:  we tried the Calming vitamin.  Same result.  It didn’t dissolve totally and Izzy didn’t like it.

I hate giving anyone a bad review, especially when it’s a product that is good for my dog, but this one didn’t work for my picky little boy.  Hope someone else has better results!