Sochi Dogs — Redux

When the Olympics was in full swing, we dog lovers were worried about the homeless dogs that were threatened with death. They got a reprieve and were, instead, given “temporary housing.” Now, I’m happy to report that some of them have actually come to the United States to look for homes. So, those of you who doubted that might happen were wrong!

I’m really happy that Gus Kenworthy, the Olympic silver medalist who became that hero to negotiate the arrival of these 10 lovable pups and to get them adopted. Somehow that type of hero is more important to me than the Olympic kind!

Here’s the story:


My new hero: Gus Kenworthy!

My new hero: Gus Kenworthy!

Cutie Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy is my new hero.  He’s going to take home some of those homeless pups/dogs in Sochi that have garnered so much attention.  I’m sure that there will be plenty of girls oohing and aaahing over this sweetie and his pile of puppies.  I hope that there are others who are just as much in love with puppies as Gus and that the Sochi dogs fill up at least one plane that’s coming home to the U.S. from Sochi!