Izzy’s Heroic Tendencies

Here I am again, a year later, and the story hasn’t changed much. Life has, but Izzy’s story continues.

The guy I was seeing (Louis) has left the picture, largely due to his comments about Izzy and my family. He called Izzy “violent,” and I know (as does everyone else who has met my foolish dog) that this is one thing he’s not. A pain-in-the-ass sometimes, maybe. But violent? Um, no.

During the past year, I’ve had three roommates: two women and now a man. All three have experienced Izzy’s excitement when they come into the house, and every time I’m in the room, my little buddy gets a bit . . . can I say protective? He barks and jumps, letting my roomie know he’s the boss, then he’ll look directly at me as if saying, “Did I do good, Mama? Huh? Huh???”

I’ve tried putting his leash on him, and that works as long as I’m around. I’ve put him into a “sit” with the promise of a treat, and that works as long as he can stop wiggling. But no matter what I do, the next time someone comes in the door, he’s at it again. And he’s too fast for me to grab him to stop him.

The funny thing is that he doesn’t do this at all if I’m not around.

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s my fault. My roommates have, too. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board for more training.  Even though my little guy is now sprouting gray hairs all over his body, he’s not finished learned how to behave.

Maybe someday . . .

In the meantime, does this look like a face that would be violent?


One comment

  1. Hi, Dawn,
    Thank you for your New Year’s party. It was good to meet you. I have an “Izzy” type of my own–a little dog who came into being when Lhasa Apso met Pomeranian, East meets West, and barks are universal. I had one trainer say it is very hard to change barking habits. I took this to mean it is impossible. Best thing is to take him into my room with me and hope he doesn’t notice what’s going on in the real world. Ro


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