Update on Momma Pitty

I’ve included stories about my former student Sara and the pit bulls she’s rescued in the past. One that particularly stole her heart — and the hearts of everyone who meets her — is Momma Pitty Pumpkin. Found on Halloween when Sara was out for a horse ride, this friendly, small girl was in her advanced stages of pregnancy and shortly after Sara took her in, Momma gave birth to a whole passel of puppies. Sara found loving homes for every single one and they’re now pretty much full grown and gorgeous. Momma Pitty was the last of the group to find a home, and when she did, Sara let her go with a caveat: take care of her because she has cancer.

Throughout the past year, Sara has run campaign after campaign to raise money to care for Momma and the pups. She’s been successful each time, but when Momma was diagnosed with cancer, you could sense that Sara felt defeated. Suddenly the bills were overwhelming. Even though Momma had a new home, Sara was still invested and wanted to make sure she got the best of care.

Then Momma and her new owner disappeared.

Sara was frantic. The new owner had violated his contract with her and wasn’t taking care of Momma’s cancer. She found a lawyer and threatened the new owner with court, and though I’m not sure of all the details, the bright side is that Momma’s cancer is being tended to.

Momma Pitty Pumpkin’s radiation treatments started just a few days ago, and she’s a trouper. Everyone at the vet’s loves her and she loves them, and like Sara says, this tail-wagging pup will probably be pretty weak and not so happy soon, so she’s stealing all the kisses she can.

Check out her Facebook page if you want to keep up with her: https://www.facebook.com/PumpkinPitty?fref=photo



  1. Thanks for the update, Dawn. Poor Sarah. I bet she was terrified when she couldn’t find Momma. I’m glad Momma’s getting the treatment she needs now.


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