Other People’s Blogs: Planet of the Blind

Because I’ve been a writer for more than 9/10 of my life (I could probably say 100%, but there was that one or two weeks when I couldn’t speak or write a sentence . . . ), I have a lot of friends who are also writers.  I support them as much as I possibly can by buying their books, talking about their work to other friends who read, and having coffee (wine) with them to talk about the business.  We share joys and triumphs and we try to ignore those moments when all seems unusually dark.  We are writers.  We are used to rejection and suspicious of those moments that feel off-the-charts happy.  No matter what the emotions, we’ll write about them.

Today, I spent the day working on a schedule for a friend’s poetry readings at my College.  While I was putting together the pieces, another friend was writing about her one-eyed dog’s death on Facebook.  That heartbreaking news (the dog was truly a super hero) reminded me that my poet friend wrote an occasional blog for a blog called “Planet of the Blind.”  The writer who hosts that blog, Stephen Kuusisto, has a remarkable connection to the one-eyed dog.  You see, Stephen is blind, and his best friend is his dog.  He writes about that dog, a gorgeous yellow retriever who acts as his seeing-eye dog, his partner in life.  And his latest blog is particularly beautiful.

So, here, in honor of Andrea Scarpino, the poet who has written ‘Once, Then’ and will be at my College on April 15 and 16, and for Sarah Louise’s Mia, is the beautiful “Planet of the Blind.”



  1. I had always wanted to be a history teacher, and at the point when I knew that wasn’t going to happen, I decided to be a writer. At the point when I knew that wasn’t going to happen, I got a job to pay the bills…………lol


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