Yellow Dogs — Keep your distance

Because Izzy was antisocial when I first adopted him and would often charge strangers — growling, barking, snapping — I sometimes crossed the street when we saw someone that was new.  This morning, I saw an article on Cesar’s newsletter about dogs that talks about dogs that are marked with yellow ribbons.  It’s information I think we all need to know — whether we have dogs or not — so I’m sharing.

Keep warm, everyone!


    1. In Vermont, we would tie red ribbons on horses during hunting season so they wouldn’t be shot by the silly downlanders who came up just for hunting season and broke all the rules about hunting (i.e., shooting from the road, trespassing on private property, shooting after sundown). I posted this blog about the dogs because it was the first time I’d heard about the yellow ribbons. Spreading the word seems to be a good idea. Thanks for the info about the ponies in Ireland, Maria!


  1. The yellow ribbon is something that we have supported for a while now. The more people who post about it the better so that the knowledge spreads and people learn to read the sign. Good for you for spreading the news!


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