Dog clothing? Really? Do we need to dress up the little buggers? Or is that human vanity?

While I do believe that when it rains out, Izzy needs his ThunderShirt, both to stay dry and so that he won’t get freaked out if it’s thunder and lightening while we’re out, I’m not so sure he needs a specially-designed sweater in the middle of the winter or a nice wooly blanket for football season.  Seriously.  What is it about people who dress up a Golden Retriever in a kerchief like some Middle-Eastern babushka-wearing grandma?  And how long does the dog keep the kerchief on to begin with?

I’ve read a lot of articles about Baby Boomers and how we are treating our animals as though they are the children who have long since left the nest.  While that might be true (not only of Baby Boomers but pretty much everyone who’s crazy about their pets), I’m still not convinced we have to turn animals into pseudo-human-children.  I’ve seen Chihuahuas in pink tutus, poodles in berets, and boxers in Irish Fisherman knit sweaters.  They all look the same:  ridiculous.

I’m writing this and remembering that the dog I had when we were growing up often got scalped rather than having a decent haircut (because my parents were do-it-yourself-ers).  Tammy would skulk around, head down, eyes averted, as if ashamed that she was “nude.”  In that particular case, I can see putting something on her nearly naked body if it was the middle of the winter, because she certainly would have frozen.  But should we dress our animals just to make a statement?  Does a Cocker Spaniel really appreciate being dressed as a dragon for Halloween?  Should we create a mini Pekingnese version of Santa Claus on December 25th?  Or what about a heart-shaped Pit Bull for Valentine’s Day?

Maybe I’m just being an ol’ poop, but I don’t get design clothing for dogs.

I’d be interested to hear how you feel about dressing up your lovely pooch.  And I would venture to guess that your most affectionate cat wouldn’t sit still for putting on a hat or a vest or a lovely sequined dress!  


  1. Oh I did laugh when I read this. Its confession time! I am a doggy dresser upper. I have a miniature Yorky called Lady Fleur, better known as Missy. Now while I can honestly say that I have lived, and am about to live again, in a country where the temperatures hit minus 40, perhaps that’s no excuse, but I’m sticking to it.. Dressing them up if up have to take them out is actually a necessity then. She even has adorable little pink boots, but they really are necessary if they are going to walk on paths that are frozen.
    While you try not to take them out when it is really cold, they still want to go for a walk and the winters are long so you cannot keep them cooped up for months. So using the cold is a good excuse. BUT! I love dressing her up and she does have dozens of outfits and some of them are not just for winter, we have spring and autumn outfits too.
    She gets really excited when the clothes come out after the summer break and seems quite happy to be dressed. Now I don’t go in for tutus but we do have a Christmas sweater that has a teddy dressed as Santa on it, and a lovely pink and white fur coat with a hood. Oh it really sounds cringe-worthy doesn’t it! And just to add to the cringe factor, I also have pink nappies for her, but if we are doing a long flight or train trip they can be very useful to ensure we don’t make a mess.
    I have a Puppy Pack for her – its like a backpack but you wear it on the front and she can be tucked up all nice and warm if we have to go out on very cold days. And yes, she fits perfectly into my handbag and will leap into it if she thinks she might be left at home. Shall I hide my head in shame now?


    1. I knew I’d get comments to this post! I had to laugh while reading yours, because I can see that little face in those outfits. Too funny! Always wondered what it would take to put boots on my dog, and while I certainly can understand the booties on a small dog that would get frozen paws, I wonder what happens when the dog first has to adjust to them. Did she do a little dance, like “what the hell are these things on my feet?” I’m rolling on the floor now! Thanks for being a good sport about this 🙂


  2. I agree. I’ll “ok” the occasional sweater or scarf if it’s terribly nippy outside, depending upon my beast’s remaining tonage of hair after shearing season, and he’s gotten used to the four wellies I ask him to wear on raining days so he won’t track in mud, but as much as I’ve reasoned with him over the issue of vanity, my dog refuses to go anywhere without his reading glasses. *shrug*


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