Izzy’s Friends


Izzy’s always been better with other dogs than with people, but if a person is “attached” to a dog, he finds it easier to make friends.  These two guys are friends we see on a regular basis.  Ellie is the white Maltese, Maggy is the black poodle.  They are “related.”  Ellie belongs to my friend Peggy, and they live right behind us.  Maggy belongs to Peggy’s daughter-in-law.

Last night when we went for our evening walk, I told Izzy before we left the house that we were going to see Ellie.  His ears perked up, and he pulled me down the driveway.  He knows where Ellie lives, and as soon as we head in that direction, he’s got one thing on his mind:  Get to Ellie’s!  Get to Ellie’s!  Get to Ellie’s!  He literally chokes at the end of the leash, no matter how many times I tell him, “Slow down!”

Midway down Ellie’s street, Izzy will stop and stare at the house, all senses at high alert.  If she’s outside, they run to each other like lovers.  If not, he’ll head up to the porch and stand expectantly at the door, listening for Ellie inside.  His tail wags like a black-and-white fan flag, and he’ll glance back up at me, eyes bright, tongue out, as if asking me why no one is answering the door.

When we arrived on the porch last night, no one answered the door, and I told him, “Ellie’s not home, bud.  Let’s go.”  Though he followed me back up the street, he kept glancing back at the house as if expecting Ellie to miraculously appear.  There was a little less bounce in his step on the way home.  Some people say that dogs’ emotions aren’t necessarily like ours, but I can say without a doubt that he is always a bit depressed if his friends aren’t home.


  1. Thank you for dropping in. I think politics are much the same all over – promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. Dogs?? well my dogs make my life complete. I have always had a dog or two around me and I cannot imagine life without one. The two I have now have been my “associates” for over ten years – a Foxy Lady and a Maltese Terrorist. I love them dearly.


    1. I hear you about dogs. Mine is my savior, best friend and humorist. He’s a Shichon, left to his own devices for the first nine months of his life, so we spent the first year trying to learn to trust. I think he has learned and he’s certainly taught me a lot, as well.

      Am going to follow your blog closely since our interests intersect. I’m watching my summer garden fade now, though there are still a few tomatoes on the dying vine.



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