Welcome to Izzy’s world!

Good morning and welcome to this new blog!  I live with a Shichon named Izzy, and because we have constant adventures, I’m going to write about our world — and about the world of dImageogs, in general.

Today, a little info about him.  Izzy turned 2 years old in August.  For the first year, he and I worked on his social skills.  (In fact, we’re going to continue to do that!)  He had a very bad attitude when I first got him — barked and growled and jumped at everyone he met.  My next door neighbor called him Devil Dog, which is pretty appropriate since he’s black and white, just like the Devil Dog food.

Izzy and I worked together, went to dog obedience school, learned how to trust human beings a bit, and though it took a while and a lot of patience, he’s now wagging his tail and sniffing people rather than trying to make them run away.

Now maybe we can enjoy being together in our little corner of the world here in Roxboro, North Carolina, where I’m a dean at a community college and we live in a little bungalow in the downtown area.  We walk the neighborhood at least five times a day and have “met” some interesting people and animals, including a guy who rides his bicycle at 3 in the morning, lit up like a Christmas tree, complete with his own portable music — and several skunks, possums and groundhogs who are just as scared of us as we are with them.

So, that’s us.  Hopefully, you’ll tune in for the next year of our adventures in the land of tobacco and sweet tea!


Dawn and Izzy


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